Today, I’m thrilled to share a short interview I did with Jessica Nazarali. Jess is a Business Strategist & Certified Master Coach for women who want to build thriving coaching businesses. We talked about her book, Leaping from the Ladder, and how she uses it as a “tripwire,” a marketing term for an inexpensive product that attracts customers to your higher priced offers. If you sell products or services, this is a worthwhile read! You can learn more about Jess at

Sarah: I was really fascinated when I spoke to you a couple months ago. You talked about using your book, Leaping from the Ladder, as a tripwire product, and I would love to know more about that. I’m curious, when you decided to first publish your book, were you thinking of it in terms of a tripwire, or did you just sort of decide to write a book and put it out there and see what happened?

Jessica: I would say when most coaches create a book, that’s kind of the main reason. It’s the first part of a sales funnel, and the goal is to use it as a marketing tool, essentially.

Sarah:  How well has it worked for you?

Jessica:  It works well. It sells consistently. Sometimes, I’ll do a promotion and more people will buy it. Of the people who buy it, about 75% of them go on to buy another product or service from me.

Sarah: Wow, that’s amazing. Do you have a sense of whether people go on to buy one of your courses, or are they more likely to buy 1:1 coaching with you?

Jessica: A bit of both. The book is a lead-in to buying Personal Mastery (a mindset program) and Business Mastery (a business and influencer training) . The idea is people buy the book, then they’ll go on and buy one of these programs or do 1:1 coaching with me.

Sarah:  So it’s part of a very long funnel?

Jessica:  Yes, because I have a number of different offers people can take depending on where they are at in their life and business.

Sarah:  How did you go about choosing the price for it? At $20, it’s more expensive than the average ebook.

Jessica: When people sign up to my list, they are automatically offered it for $5, a 75% discount. Somebody bought it full price yesterday, though, so that happens. I think as well, everything’s relative; $20 is cheap compared to $1995 which is the price of Business Mastery.

Sarah: You’re selling your book exclusively on your site, right? Not on Amazon? Jessica:  Right. In all honesty I just haven’t gotten around to putting it on amazon. I also know because of the royalty system, it’s difficult to sell a higher priced ebook, and it won’t let you capture people’s email addresses. But regardless it would probably still be worth adding it to Amazon – thanks for the reminder!

Sarah:  Do you have any advice for people who might want to use their book as a tripwire?

Jessica:  I think the idea is to really give a lot of value. Then it’s a no-brainer that customers would buy the next thing. And especially for coaches, I think mixing how-to advice with your own story is a good combo. You’re basically giving people the first steps in the journey that they take with you, so make it good!

If you’re thinking about using your book as a tripwire, be sure to check out my Beyond Amazon post, on how you can sell your book directly from your site and why that might be a good idea.