Author 180

Monthly Mastermind for Nonfiction Authors

Creating a book can be hard work, but you don’t have to do it alone. Author 180 is here to give you the support you need.

What’s holding you back from writing your book?

Procrastination … Overwhelm … Indecisiveness … Fear

And that nagging worry … Will it all be worth it anyway?

But What if You Had…

A Community
Writing can be a solitary endeavor. With Author 180, you’ll get a group of fellow authors-in-the-making who are going through the book creation process at exactly the same time you are. We’ll meet in a private Facebook group for encouragement, brainstorming, and connection.


In addition to the Author 180 Community, you’ll have the option of being matched with an accountability partner, someone to check in with and keep you on track.


Group Coaching Calls
We’ll have monthly group calls for checking progress and moving through tough spots. I’ll also be active in the Facebook group and available on regular livestreams to answer questions as they come up.


Exclusive Access to Expert Interviews
I’ll be bringing in a variety of experts such as successful authors, cover designers, editors, mindset coaches, and marketers for live and recorded interviews. Learn from the people who’ve been there and done it!


I’ll be there to guide you in finding and selecting the best editors, formatters, designers, and digital marketers for your book.


It’s All Part of Author 180

I’m creating the Author 180 mastermind because I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs struggle to get their books into the world, and I want to be sure you get the support you need as you share your story.

I’m Sarah Barbour, book coach, editor & author. With book knowledge that spans every step in the process, I’m here to be your trusted guide, teacher and coach. I’ve been working with authors for 5 years and have published 5 books of my own, including 4 that were self-published. I’ve worked closely with numerous authors to help them navigate the writing and self publishing process … and I’m not a believer in one size-fits-all publishing plans.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of experience, it’s that every book and every author is different. Different goals, different topics, different readers, different businesses. That means making sure the plan you map out is totally personalized and the best one for your situation.

Author 180 is to help you figure out what’s best for your book, with support, feedback and questions answered all along the way.

Sarah guided and supported me from the beginning of this book journey, all the way to the end. Her words of encouragement, her expertise in editing and her amazing recommendations got my book to the finish line. Sarah is knowledgeable about this business and made it less scary for me. She helped me stay focused and step by step, my book came together.  I am so proud of it, and I am so grateful to Sarah. If you have a message or a story to share, the world needs it now more than ever. Hire Sarah and get to it.

—Rita Hari, Author of Live Consciously, Catch Health: The 8 Pillars to Health & Wholeness

Sarah shares her passion for writing books by guiding authors through each step of the book writing process. Students benefit from her experience in the industry, and learn her simple steps to writing a book on a schedule. Her interactive and cooperative approach makes writing a book doable and fun!

—Ann Hoy, Author of Pump Your Own Tires

What Will Your Life Look Like 180 Days from Now …


  • A book to your name, more authority in your industry, and a reputation that precedes you
  • Credibility you’d have a hard time getting through your 1-1 work alone
  • A list-building tool to bring you leads and readers in an automated, hands-off way
  • An extra income stream to pad your bank account and let you work a little less
  • A physical copy of your book that you can hold in your hands, give to your clients, or show off on your Facebook Lives
  • A live book listing on Amazon and in the major leagues, complete with reviews from actual readers who’ve devoured your book and logged on to tell you so
  • Invites to telesummits and on-stage speaking engagements from industry leaders who know you’re an expert in your field
  • An extra shimmy in your walk because you’re so damn proud of yourself for becoming a published author (most people dream of it, but you actually did it!)

If you’re ready to publish a book you’re super proud of, excited about, that will get you incredible results in your business and your personal life, and increase your confidence and sense of accomplishment, then join Author 180.

Your price for all of it: $25 a month

Because the community aspect of this mastermind is important, I’m asking for applications to be sure all the members are a good fit for each other. If you’re at all on the fence, I encourage you to apply for a seat. An application isn’t an obligation to join the program.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help me work through my first book. Sarah’s knowledge and passion about the book publishing process clearly shines through. Her work was thorough and insightful and she really helped me improve the book. Highly recommend her!”

—Catherine Basu
Author of Superwomen Secrets Revealed: Successful Women Talk Fitting in Fitness and Dare you to Join Them


Speaking engagements



Starting and stopping

It’s all possible with Author 180.