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Contact | Rope Knits

Questions or comments? Please e-mail me at sarah[at]ropeknits[dot]com.


8 Responses to Contact

  1. why can’t i find this link ?


    thanks – want to learn how to do a mobius ? 🙂 hahahah

  2. Sarah/Rope says:

    Because I switched from Blogger to WordPress and I’m useless at fixing links. It’s right here: http://www.theadawson.com/2010/05/brigittes-mobius/
    Enjoy and let me know if you have questions!

  3. Pam Turner says:

    I just purchased the pattern “Roadster Convertible Cowl” and I’m having a difficult time with what should be a fairly simple pattern. I’m a beginner to intermediate knitter…I knit the first 8 rows and complete my first row… After that, after about 6-8 more rows I’m not seeing the pattern. I slip stich the first stitch, bring my yarn to the front and knit two together…do I only slip stitch once at the beginning do my row?? I’ve been performing a slip stitch before every yo. Please tell me I’ve answered my own question and shouldn’t be slip stitching throughout the row?

  4. MJ says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Wondering if you could help me with the Honeysuckle pattern. I have been trying to get the establish pattern row done and can’t seem to get it to work. I have worked with 2 of the shop owners also, and they can’t get it either.
    I’m sure it’s something simple, but we can’t figure it out. Can you please explain how that row should work? I am making a sz. large and have the needed 71 sts. I seem to be confused in the section that has 33 sts. (in the middle of the row)Thank you so much, any and all help would be greatly appreciated. It is beautiful!!

  5. Sarah/Rope says:

    Hi MJ,

    First of all, I wanted to make sure you’d seen that CEY has errata for the pattern here:
    and here:
    (though the chart still isn’t quite right because the buttonholes are off–but let’s not worry about that yet).

    Not sure if this is where the problem is coming from but it doesn’t hurt to have all the info!

    I have to see if I can find the published version of the pattern so that I know I’m looking at what you’re looking at. If you can give me a few more specifics about the problem you’re having (does the number of sts seem to be off or are the increases not working right, for example?) that would help.

  6. Cheryl Zuccaro says:

    I purchased the Aentina Shawl.My first lace project and I am stumped about the first part. After knitting 17 rows of two stitches, how do I knit 7 stitches before adding the provisional cast ons. Where do I get those extra 5 stitches for the garter rows.


    • Sarah/Rope says:

      Hi Cheryl. After you knit the first 17 rows you pick up and knit 7 sts along the side edge of the little strip you just knit. Once you pick up the sts at the end (where the provisional CO is) you should have 11 sts altogether: 2 at the top of the strip, 7 down the side, and 2 at the bottom.

      Let me know if you still have questions. Better to reach me by e-mail at sarah@theadawson.com. Sometimes the comments here slip past me.

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