Sarah is a self-publishing godsend! At the most critical hour of preparing for my debut book launch, I hired Sarah to help me make sure I had done everything humanly possible to get my book ready for publication. Not only is Sarah extremely experienced in self-publishing, she was great at coaching me through each step of the process with as little stress as possible. Her zen approach combined with her sharp mind and desire for excellence makes her a star to work with.

—Dr. Gladys Ato
Author of The Good Goodbye: How to Navigate Change and Loss in Life, Love, and Work

My book was good; Sarah made it MAGICAL! She didn’t “read and edit” my book, she understood what was in my heart, and helped me to tell that in a way that would be best received by readers. She played up my writing strengths and she polished up my weaknesses. She did all this while still allowing me to keep my unique voice. Above all, I have never had a greater pleasure working with someone. She is talented and she is generous and kind, and if I write 500 books I would want no one else to edit them but her!

—Krystal T. Chong
Author of What the Hell Am I Supposed to Do with My Life? A Fun and Friendly Guide to Finding Your Meaning, Your Magic and Yo’self

Sarah was my editor for my first book and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help me work through the process. Not only was she thorough as an editor, but she was also very insightful and helped me include and avoid several elements that I know really improved the book. Sarah’s knowledge and passion about the book publishing process clearly shines through. Highly recommend her!

—Catherine Basu
Author of Superwomen Secrets Revealed: Successful Women Talk Fitting in Fitness and Dare you to Join Them

“I am a published author!”

There is no way I would be able to utter those words if I hadn’t had Sarah Barbour by my side. Sarah guided and supported me from the beginning of this book journey, all the way to the end. Her words of encouragement, her expertise in editing and her amazing recommendations got my book to the finish line. Sarah is knowledgeable about this business and made it less scary for me. She helped me stay focused and step by step, my book came together. I am so proud of it, and I am so grateful to Sarah. If you have a message or a story to share, the world needs it now more than ever. Hire Sarah and get to it.

—Rita Hari
Author of Live Consciously, Catch Health: The 8 Pillars to Health & Wholeness

Sarah provides very helpful guidance about how to navigate the writing process in a way that inspires creativity while ensuring an author stays practical …. I really liked that she looked at my manuscript as both a creative endeavor as well as a business opportunity. She was constantly providing tips for how to reach out to my audience, build a mailing list/website, and direct readers to my website for more books or programs.

— Mary Kay Sellek
Author of The Body Whisperer:Using the Principles of Integrative Body Conditioning to Create a Strong Body for Life

I worked with Sarah on both my books. She is an amazing editor! She knows what she’s doing, and she’s very professional. Just as importantly, she loves her work and does it from her heart. She makes sure to really understand the author’s desires and dreams for their book so she can make sure it has the right information for the the right audience. I loved working with her and will definitely work with her in the future.

—Buyantogtokh Sukhbaatar
Author of The 28 Day Yogurt Smoothie Challenge for Busy Mothers and Homemade Mongolian Yogurt

Sarah is clearly very knowledgeable about the writing and self-publishing process. In a single call, she quickly hit on the two pieces my work needs the most — a blog and an outline. She offered just the right amount of encouragement — with a dose of much-needed organizational advice — to get this show, i.e. my book, on the road.

She also demolished 3 different invisible scripts of mine, which will help me get to where I want to be faster and better! If you’re writing a book, thinking about self-publishing, or are curious about the writing and publishing world in general, I highly encourage you to reach out to her.

—Shiri Dori-Hacohen
Book forthcoming

During our coaching, call Sarah outlined some very simple ways for me to start identifying the key points of my book, my audience, and how I could start getting the material together for my book. Instead of feeling intimidated about the idea of writing a book, I now feel that I know exactly how to start.

—Charlotte Jacob
Book forthcoming

After seeing only a sample chapter of editing from Sarah, I was impressed. She’d taken the time to familiarize herself with the location I was writing about, found an error in the spelling of the location I wouldn’t have figured out if you gave me three years, and corrected a variety of missteps I made.

When I got the finished manuscript back, I found the same consistent attention to detail, both the grammatical and the editorial. She made extremely helpful suggestions to make the passages flow better, discovered technical errors, and made the book worlds better. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who is looking for a careful pair of eyes to check over their work.

—Robert J. Crane
Author of The Girl in the Box Series, The Sanctuary Series, and The Southern Watch Series

Sarah Barbour worked with my novel doing substantive edits. She came up with tons of extremely helpful suggestions that I think really improved the overall flow of the novel. She was prompt in returning the initial and edited drafts to me, and she responded to all my emails usually same day. She was a pleasure to work with. Thanks, Sarah!

— Annabelle Costa
Author of The Time Traveler’s Boyfriend

My editor is the BEST. I’m really glad I found her. She is very careful to respect my voice, and she gets that English is not my mother tongue. She suggests new words/sentences that strengthen the story without changing the mood.

So, big thumbs up to Sarah Barbour! I wholeheartedly recommend her especially if English is not your first language!

— Nathalie Aynie

After completing a study skills book aimed at a college audience, I needed a developmental editor who would be able to tell me whether the manuscript was coherent, readable and effective. Sarah’s experience as a proofreader of technical papers and her work as a copy editor at a prestigious university made her the perfect candidate.

Sarah really took the time to think about how the student audience would see my book and what they would need from it. She pointed out several key areas where the manuscript could be strengthened and even suggested whole new ways of doing things which had never occurred to me. The book has been significantly improved, thanks to Sarah’s insights.

— John Henderson
Author of Essay Questions Decoded

Sarah did a great job editing my first book. It was a true story and a difficult subject for me to write about. Sarah did exactly what I needed her to do. She gave my story structure, flow and pace, and offered wise counsel when it was needed. Her efforts transformed a merely interesting story into a captivating read.

—Jim Graham
Author of You Could Be Next